For a year now, Shirō has noticed that Sakura had marks every now and then. He thinks Shinji mistreats her.

Sakura wants them to make up, Shirō replies they never really got into a fight. Although Shirō sees it like that, Shinji doesn't.

At night, Shirō meets Matō Zōken for the first time while trying to check if Sakura has come home safely. Zōken asks how the Einsbern are, which surprises Shirō - he doesn't know them. Zōken replies the Emiya should know them well.

... Same as Fate, Saber slashes Archer down. Without Archer's support, Saber gets spanked by Berserker. Shirō too.

Day 3 : Matō Zōken
After Rin's and Saber's explainations on the Grail and Servants, Shirō goes back to the Church and meets none other than Gilgamesh. He doesn't get why, near that man, he feels like he's ready to be killed.
Gil raises his arm... But doesn't GoB Shirō in the end. Looks like he takes a liking into him, seeing how Shirō apparently felt Gil's pressuring intent and got prepared.
Shirō asks Kotomine if Kiritsugu really was a Master in the previous war. Kotomine tells him that Kiritsugu wanted only the Grail... But when he reached it, he tried to destroy it. Kotomine speaks about him as a traitor, but Shirō understands Kiritsugu simply felt the Grail shouldn't be there in the first place.
Kotomine tells more about who Kiritsugu really was : a magus hitman hired by the Einsbern, who liked using any kind of trap and exploiting all of his enemy's weaknesses - such as hostages. A man who would abandon all feeling to reach his goal.
Shirō points out that a "hero", for who the mean is important, and an "ally of justice", who only sees the end goal, are different. He obviously tries to justify Kiritsugu.
Kotomine says he and Kiritsugu were too different because Kiritsugu could change his feelings to fit his goals, which Kotomine couldn't do.
By the way, after Kiritsugu's betrayal to the Einsbern, Ilya originaly came to kill him. Which is probably why she tries to kill Shirō instead in Fate.
Saber and Shirō go back home, Sakura and Fujimura meet her. Sakura reacts to the name "Saber".
As Shirō and Saber walk through the town at night later, they hear a girl screaming, and find Shinji and Rider. Saber vs Rider.... Ends fast with Saber's victory. Shinji's pissed at Rider who doesn't seem to even try to get back up.
As Saber was about to spank Shinji, Zōken comes in and Shinji's command book goes up in flames. While Shinji says it's alright as long as he wins, Zōken says Shinji is as much of a disgrace to the Makiri (Matō written in kanjis, Makiri in furiganas) name as his father was. He tells Shinji to piss off now he's not a Master anymore, what's with the book in ashes now.
As Shirō tells Saber to leave Zōken because he knows him, Saber replies he's not human. Shirō still tells her to step back to check out Shinji's victim.
Zōken says he's the one who allowed Shinji to be a substitute Master. The Matō family is an ancient family of magi, just like the Tōsaka, but the Matō lineage is way too weak now. "Oh by the way, what about Sakura ? -Nah, no need for her to be a magus." So she doesn't know about it, alright.
As Shirō brings the woman Shinji assaulted to Kotomine and asks more questions to him, Shirō seems to have a growing dislike to him, although Kotomine, on the other hands, seems more and more willing to give him random advices.
As Shirō says he'll fight through the end and save people on the way if he can, even if his opponents are some 500 or 1000 year old, Saber replies that she's glad he's her master, and she shall definitely never betray him.

Day 4
Shirō insists on checking Sakura's wounds, but she insists it's not Shinji.
At school, Rin does blame Shirō for not bringing Saber, but nothing more like in UBW. Shirō wants Rin to help him make sure Sakura stays out of the War. Rin tells him she suspects a Master hiding in the Ryuudouji.
Back home, after meeting Ilya in the park, Shirō still is worried about Sakura ; in the end, Sakura goes to Fujimura's house with her.
Thanks to Fujimura, Shirō learns that Sakura is 85B. Fujimura keeps teasing Shirō and Sakura.
Shirō says he won't do anything to Sakura since she's Shinji's sister, his friend ; Fuji-nee replis that "he must have noticed too". Noticed what, well...
Sakura, obviously getting weaker everyday, collapses in the bathroom. She stays here to sleep.
Shirō and Saber talk about the kimon at Ryuudouji, which they decide to visit. They worry about Sakura, but Shirō says that when he leads his role of Master, they shall not think of anything else.
Meanwhile, Assassin gets annihilated by a shadow without having the time to react. Something comes out of his body. That something also kills an "assassin" by running his hand through him => True Assassin kills Kuzuki with his Noble Phantams "Zabaniya".
Saber and Shirō enter the Ryuudouji without problem, where they see a glimpse of a strange shadow. They then meet Caster, with the Rule Breaker in hand and a lot of blood on her. Saber is pissed when she thinks Caster just killed her master. Caster, back to normal, finds the idea that she could kill Kuzuki laughable.
Caster tries to shoot her magic at Saber, but Saber kills her immediately.
A black shadow devours Caster's mana after Shirō and Saber leave, but "there isn't enough".
Shirō has a dream of banging Rin in the classroom, but her eyes are weird.

Day 5
He also dreams of the destruction of his side of the town. This time, he catches a glimpse of a strange black tower afar, with some black sun atop...
Waking up, he also feels quite weak. Next day, he has a high fever, while Sakura feels better. More Fuji-nee tease.
Shirō stays home for the day to rest, Sakura stays as well and watches over him. Saber disapproves of Shirō's way of ignoring himself.
Shirō has the possibility to slip out to try and meet Ilya to speak about everything and nothing : Ilya's two maids... She shows him her castle through an illusion, in which she mentions "the third's dress" (which is, the heaven dress of the Third Magic), AKA the "Heaven's Feel".
Shirō gets scolded hard by Saber and Sakura as he comes back home.
Sword training with Saber. Oh, and on the phone, Rin too is pissed that Shirō didn't come without telling her.
Sakura and Shirō get Shinji, who came in, to get out, as Shirō felt an urge to kill him, watching how he treated Sakura. Sakura collapses again a bit later in the evening.
In the end, Shirō is worried about Sakura, so he and Saber don't go for their patrol.
At night, while Shirō practices Reinforcing, Sakura comes in. They speak about their childhood. Shirō is glad Sakura didn't turn out like either Fuji-nee or Rin. Sakura asks if it's true Shirō was adopted, and wonders how he felt when entering a unknown house.
As they mention Shirō's "ally of justice" ideal, Sakura asks if he would approve if she ever turned a bad person. Yes, he would be angry. Sakura is glad to hear it.
As Shirō is sleeping, Lancer, investigating the Ryuudouji, meets True Assassin. Lancer constantly deflects the Darks thrown by TA, but the arrival of the Shadow has him hit by TA's Zabaniya from nowhere.

Day 6
Rin doesn't believe that Shirō killed Caster. The thing is... There's still a Servant at the Ryuudouji. Shirō can't help but remembering his dream with Rin. Rin mocks him about "someone he likes".
Shirō then realizes he forgot about eating with Sakura when they meet her.
Shirō meets Kotomine in a restaurant, eating ultra spicy food.
Kotomine says that his Servant Lancer definitely met Assassin after Saber supposedly defeated Caster. Yes, he said his Servant Lancer, Kotomine was a Master. Also, since Assassin was summoned by Caster, it means Caster is still there, doesn't it ?
Anyway, Kotomine says he isn't their enemy anymore, smashing news, Shirō didn't even know he was an enemy. They speak for some 30 minutes. Kotomine tells Shirō how Zōken uses worms to suck people's blood. Also, he won't come out in daylight. Play on word between kyuuketsuki (blood sucking demon... Vampire) and kyuuketsuki (blood sucking worm). He was never a master, though, even though he's a few hundred years old and from the Matō bloodline.
In the end, it seems someone from Makiri/Matō family gave shinji his Command Spells.
Kotomine bluntly asks who, between him and Rin, would leave the Grail to the other if they had to choose. He adds that his wish wasn't something the Grail could have given him even if he was still a Master - it wasn't a wish worth reaching by himself. Kotomine is the same as Shirō.
Shirō really doesn't want to try Kotomine's Maabou doufu.
In the streets, he meets Ilya again. She makes Shirō come buy stuff with her. She performs a short dance for him in the park.
Back home, Sakura is lying asleep. Shirō gets overexcited, but is surprised by Saber. Shirō later understands that he really likes Sakura.
At night, Shirō and Saber come across Archer and Rin facing Zōken. At whose side appears... Caster. Though Saber immediately says that's not really Caster.
Zōken's way of using Caster's body as a doll pisses Saber and Archer off. They take her down quickly.
Zōken has already ran away, but Archer foresaw it. He cuts him down... But as Zōken escapes as a pack of worms, the Black Shadow comes out. Everyone goes OH SHI- Nobody moves.
Shirō is reminded of the black tower he saw in his dream if the town burning down.
As the Shadow expands toward Shirō, he... disappears. He hears a shitload of nonsense, then is woken up by Rin.
Saber treats Rin as an enemy : she's Archer's Master afterall. Shirō stops her.
As Saber and Shirō get back home, Sakura sees them. Tension between Saber and Sakura, who's pissed seeing Saber come back with an injured Shirō.
Someone gets killed at the park, eaten by worms.

Day 7 : Saber
Sakura doesn't eat any breakfast. The News speak about a new dead body found. Eaten. Saber reluctantly agrees that the deal about the Shadow is more important than the Grail War.
Rin says she's certain Zōken isn't the enemy, then keeps teasing Shirō about Sakura.
In the evening, Rin and Archer investigate the Matō mansion. Meet Shinji.
In the Ryuudouji, at night, Saber and Shirō get assaulted by True Assassin. Saber and Shirō get separated.
While Shirō meets Zōken, Saber's wind attacks don't work on TA. As some pool of shadow restrains her, she is hit by TA's Zabaniya, but she survives it. She instead is eaten by the Shadow.
Shirō's command spells hurt. Angry at Zōken's comments about it, he tries to attack him, but is pushed back by TA. He is saved by Rider. She defends flawlessly against TA's Darks. He comments that she is not the same as before. Him and Zōken leave.
Rider has been ordered by her Master to never let Shirō die. Saber is gone, and the command spells disappear.
Back home, Sakura is waiting for Shirō and takes care of his wound.
In their room, Shirō thinks about keeping fighting, and Sakura is thinking about Shirō and his manly body, getting hot. Very hot.
Kotomine confirms to Gilgamesh that he really has no wish for himself.
To Gilgamesh, it would be an act of justice to remove the meaningless and worthless ones, to save them from the pain of living. He kills because of disgust, Kotomine kills for pleasure.
Gilgamesh decides that that Shadow killing around shouldn't be let free, though. Him killing worthless beings like that Shadow isn't the same as that Shadow killing people at random.

Day 8 : Sakura
Sakura seems energetic, but... collapses soon enough. She'll skip school today. Shirō and his wounds will not, though. Sakura says she wants to go too, to protect Shirō...
Shirō asks for Rin's support. In exchange, Rin wants to show him something at her house when school ends, about "something Emiya can do, that she can't do". Reinforcement/Tracing alright.
At her home, she mentions the old Kishua. And of course, she keeps teasing Shirō about Sakura. They train Shirō's abilities.
Indeed, it seems Rin knows that Tracing is the next step to Reinforcement, and that it's Shirō's real ability.
Shirō worries for Sakura. Who is, meanwhile, worried about him. That's when Shinji comes in Shirō's house, with Sakura here and Shirō not.
As Shirō gets home with Rin, Sakura is nowhere to be found and Shinji calls him on the phone. He wants him to come without Saber.
Shirō agrees and refuses Rin's help. Though she insists on taking care of Shinji and Rider as soon as Sakura is retrieved. Rin wants Sakura saved first.
Shinji is holding Sakura with a knife, protected by Rider, and says he told her everything.
Shinji orders Shirō to fight against Rider. Alone. Shirō uses Reinforcement on his own arms to protect himself from Rider's attacks. He can't even see Rider's attacks, though. He does catch Rider's arm at one point.
Another thing is, Rider seems to hit much weaker than she did against True Assassin at the Ryuudouji...
When Shinji orders Rider to kill him, she... Catches him and sends him near Shinji. What do I do ? HIT HIM IN THE FUCKING HEAD !!
Enter Team Red. Rin gets fun talking Shinji down. He takes his spellbook out. Rider doesn't listen to him telling her to beat Archer, and as he keeps ordering her and she keeps refusing, Rider's body seems to hurt.
When Sakura suddenly yells stop, Shinji's book go up in flames once again. Ouch. As soon as that happens, Rider's power visibly rises. A lot.
She closes up to Sakura. Shinji asks her who told her to, she replies that it's a Servant's duty to protect his Master. UH-OH.
Rin explains how she thought of it as a possibility : one of the Matō family couldn't be a Master because the bloodline has long turned void of Magus ability. Wait what, how does this mean Sakura could.
Shinji gets pissed at Sakura, but Shirō doesn't have to protect her : Rider does that. Also, Shinji has no chance whatsoever to get a new book, since there would be no more Command Spells left after he gets it.
Shinji then wants Sakura to beat Shirō and Rin. ... She refuses.
Shinji tells her to die, and something happens to her - she falls down. Shinji runs away.
As Shirō tries to get to Sakura, Archer stops him and orders him to get the fuck out. The air darkens and the kekkai seems to activate.
Archer tells Rider to move off, else something bad might happen to bystanders. Rider will suck out Rin's and Shirō's maryoku before the worms eat Sakura. Archer vs Rider.
Archer's strength visibly drops down as the fight goes, and Rider concludes he won't have enough strength left to use a NP... If he even has one.
Sakura tries to stop Rider, but Rider unveils Cybele. Shirō feels like his blood is freezing, and he recognizes that Magan as a "concentration breaker" (nou breaker), then identifies the Breaker Gorgon. He doesn't recognize Rider's eyes from his dream about Rin, though.
Shirō gets stabbed in the shoulder by protecting Rin. The kekkai is lifted and Shirō hears Sakura scream.
Shirō wakes up at the Church. Sakura is being taken care of by Kotomine.
Rin explains how Sakura, her little sister, was taken in by the Matō family 11 years ago. But now, she isn't her sister anymore, which is why she would certainly kill her if she had to.
Kotomine comes in and explains that Sakura's body is being eaten by worms. They feed on her maryoku, and replacing her magic circuits.
Also, if she doesn't fight, she will be killed. Finally, fighting will have her maryoku depleted, which will kill her in the end.
Rin thinks saving Sakura will require Zōken's defeat. But to defeat Zōken, you'll have to defeat Sakura, since she's under his orders...
Kotomine says he can't just watch Sakura die, for the time being, at least. Rin disagrees, then leaves.
Kotomine makes Shirō realize that saving Sakura will be a sin regarding Shirō's former ideal. Who will he save ?
If he wants to be, like Kiritsugu, an ally of justice, saving Sakura is not an option.
Outside, Archer is waiting for Shirō. It's not who he will save, but, who will he kill, is the question he asks.
Shirō doesn't reply. Archer says, very well. My objective has changed. Now is not the time for personnal vendetta.
[Dewa suki ni shiro. watashi no mokuteki wa kawatta. Are ga dete kita ijou, mo haya shien de ugoku toki dewa nai.
Omae ga ima made no shinnen wo mamoru no nara sore de ii. Daga - moshi chigau michi wo erabu to iu no nara, Emiya Shirō ni mirai nado nai.
Sore wa, ore ga shinu tte koto ka yo
Mizukara wo tozasu koto wo shi to iu no naraba na.]
Shirō reflects alone in the parc. While he's pissed about Zōken, Ilya comes out. Shirō doesn't *really* feel like talking, though.
Ilya wants him to stay, but he points out that Masters are supposed to kill each others at night. She... Points out he's not a Master anymore. Well that hurts. There's nothing Ilya isn't aware of, she even knows Rin almost got busted by Rider earlier today (when Shirō took the hit instead).
She mocks Sakura and Archer. There's nobody left who can beat Berserker now that Saber is gone (Rider doesn't count because of Sakura).
Shirō's kinda pissed at her behaviour. Ilya apologizes. She pities him because he seemed to be about to cry. She'll remain his ally whatever he does.
[Bad End : Shirō decides to be the Ally of Justice and terminate Sakura. Kotomine says that right now, he *is* Emiya Kiritsugu, killing his feelings for his ideal, and that he will definitely end up killing Zōken, Ilya and Rin, and win the Grail War after Rider joins him]
In the end, Shirō decides to support Sakura no matter what. He will not loose her. He knows he has to protect the girl he loves. Ilya says that because he chooses that, she will support him. Shirō has to go, Ilya forgives him for going because he says that with such a face.
Sakura remembers the time when she learned Shirō and Rin were Masters too, and when she asked for Shinji to replace her.
Kotomine tells Rin he has used up all of his magecraft seals. In the end, Sakura's state hasn't changed.
Rin decides to kill Sakura, Shirō stops her. What, didn't you make up your mind about it when you came back here ? UUUUUH NO, if you want to kill Sakura, I'll stop you.
Shirō won't let any sacrifice happen, even to save many others. Shirō is now Rin's enemy.
-- Yatte miro. Kedo na Tōsaka. Sou, nandemo kandemo omoi doori ni naru to omo'u na yo.
As Rin gets ready, they hear the sound of a glass breaking. And footsteps.
Kotomine says it probably was Sakura, as her pain was rising. Oh, she must have heard you talking about killing her, too, I guess... Sorry !
As Rin goes after her, Kotomine tells Shirō that whatever he does, he won't be able to save Sakura. The only time she could have been saved was 11 years ago. There's no meaning in saving her anymore.
When, Shirō finds Sakura near the park, she also says there's nothing that can save her. First time Shirō sees her cry. It seems death is the only way out for Sakura. Hug time. Though Shirō admits he can't save Sakura.
Sakura is evil... But Shirō will protect her. Even if she hurts him a lot.
They got to Shirō's home. Rin is there. If you want to touch Sakura, you'll have to silence me first. Rin says she will kill Sakura, and kill Shirō if he wants to stop her. Even if he's not a Master anymore. If so, Sakura says she will fight Rin as Rider's Master.
... Rin then thinks that if she has that will, then there might still be a way : get the Grail. Zōken might just leave her alone if she does. Rin leaves.
Looks like Sakura's, ah, "fever" is coming back.
While reflecting about today's events in his room, Sakura comes in. Hum... I feel hot, but that's no fever.
Why did Shirō went so far to save Sakura and go on Rin's wrong side ? "Why, dunno, didn't think of it, just did.
-I just want to be by your side. ... Will you see me as a girl ? -Yes, I love you. -Senpai, make love to me."
Even though Sakura used her hand earlier, she can only think of him. Sex scene that almost feels like it's Sakura raping Shirō. Well, sex scene that's not driven by "mana exchange" excuse, that's a first for Shirō.

Day 9 : Artificial Phantasm
Morning feels odd, of course. Might be because Rider is looking at them. Naaah, senpai doesn't mind if you're here, RIGHT ? Shirō dodges the question by asking if Rider is hungry - afterall, Saber always was. Nope, Saber was different, she was still alive when she became a Servant. Oh Rider, please try soup, tomato.
Hm, Shirō had only one reason to go to school, that was to meet Rin, but now... OK, let's all skip school.
Shirō is more and more thinking that the Grail would be his only mean to save Sakura. Also, he thinks that in the end, Rin won't be able to kill Sakura even if she says she would.
Sakura reminds Shirō that he still doesn't have any Servant to be Master of. Still, Shirō will fight. Rider agrees on supporting him.
Shirō is thinking of getting help from Ilya. He'll go, and Sakura will rest here - she wants Rider to protect him, but he says that she'll need it more than him if she meets Zōken. ... Shirō takes a bokutou, just in case.
One hour to get to the forest by taxi, four hours to cross it by foot. F*ck.
As Shirō gets out, Rider catches up to him and asks what's his reason to protect Sakura in the end. What, can't trust me ? Well... That's not the sort of thing you say in front of people. Anyway, he loves her. He even embraced her tonight. That's his only "reason", that's what a man does, protect his woman. She has always been hurt up to now, he wants to make her happy.
Shirō... Teaches Rider how to pronounce "Shirō" correctly. You have a weird accent, ya know ! ... Well, the way she said it previously, Shirō wants it to be only Saber's way to pronounce his name. ....... Brat.
The worms inside Sakura get agitated. Even though Shirō wanted Rider to stay with Sakura, Sakura tells Rider to follow Shirō. He must come back alive.
As Shirō walks through the forest for hours, he feels the air is different from Ilya's illusion. ... The same air as when the Shadow popped out when he fought Zōken and Caster. ..... Uh-oh. Whip out that bokutou and cast Reinforcement on it, quick, boy. Something's coming this way.
...... That's Rin. "... Err, please take that weapon out of my face. WTF are you doing here, picnic or something ?
-... You didn't come to fight Ilya, did you ? I would have to stop you there. -Well, you still have that mindset of not letting people fight, don't you."
... Rin keeps extracting informations about what Shirō came here for from what Shirō lets slip out.
Suddenly, a big noise. Berserker.
Ilya feels an enemy coming, and immediately knows that Berserker will never win. They won't escape. She meets Zōken and an assassin while running in the forest. Bullshit from Zōken who does all this because he doesn't want to die. Ilya, not sounding anything like Ilya, reminds him of their initial goal.
Berserker gets really mad, apparently just at the intent spreading out of Zōken.
Rin and Shirō reach the place of the fight. There are three Servants. Berserker. True Assassin.
And a black Saber.
Berserker seems ultra pissed at that one, trashing about.
Not only that black Saber seems to hit him ultra hard, but she doesn't seem to feel his attacks. Ilya is crying.
Shirō can feel the Black Shadow. Zōken has already disappeared.
Ilya wants Berserker to stop. Shirō jumps in to prevent Ilya from barging in the fight. Somehow, he's knocked down as well as Berserker (yep, he's gone, though Shirō didn't really see how). And wakes up with Black Saber above him. Her helmet somehow breaks, from Berserker's last strike.
Archer's arrows get Saber's blade off Shirō's head. Don't stop, GTFO with Ilya !
Shirō knows he has nothing left to tell Saber.
As Saber was about to strike Shirō down, the Shadow comes out. Glimpse of that black tower again.
Shirō runs away with Ilya, chased by TA. Archer defends them.
Rin comes out as Archer runs past her, but she doesn't seem to have spotted the Shadow... Archer takes the hit that was aimed at Rin. He's done for.
[Blood Out] Shirō tries to help Ilya out, but something weirds happens to him - he blacks out (he sees nothing but static) and doesn't feel his body anymore. Scratch that - he soon realizes it's "just" his left arm that is gone. His body is still there, it's just one arm, he still has another one left afterall. ...
The Shadow is gone, and Ilya is alright. Rider's here for some reason. She asks Archer if he's serious about something, he replies that it's better than having both of them disappear ; that body is reaching its limits anyway. Shirō notices that Archer sounds like himself when bidding his farewell to Rin.
Sakura wakes up from a weird dream about Shirō in the forest. She knows Shirō just lost an arm. Pain. At least, Senpai won't fight anymore, like that.
[Artificial Phantasm] Shirō is having visions of Archer's weapons. Information flood. Feels hot. Tracing. Azoth. Gram. Kanshō. Caliburn. Gae Bolg. Bakuya. Calad Bolg. Excalibur.
Wake up at the Church, with Ilya alright and Sakura being taken care of by Kotomine. Something hurts a damn lot.
Ilya lets Kotomine explain the deal.
Soko ni aru ude[MONO] wa, Emiya Shirō no ude[MONO] dewa nakatta.
The arm that is here is not Emiya Shirō's. That is Archer's left arm Shirō now has.
Also, the reason Archer's arm didn't disappear with him is that it was bound to Shirō's magic circuits by Ilya and Kotomine, and is now considered as his own flesh by his own maryoku. It is now part of his own body.
Shirō still wonders how there wasn't some rejection, Ilya replies that she knew there wouldn't because it was Shirō and Archer. Kotomine can't explain it.
Anyway, Shirō isn't really saved. If he uses Archer's arm, he will be overrun by its power - using its power even once will awaken Archer's magic circuits and switch on a time bomb, and his death will only be a matter of time.
That's why the Holy Cloth of Martin, the maryoku-killer, is rolled around his arm.
Shirō should have died in that forest. Archer did that so that he could survive, so he did save his life. But that gift is poisonned.
Now, Shirō would like it if he didn't have to meet Kotomine for something as bad again for a fourth time (Saber, Sakura, Archer's arm).
Rin is waiting in the Church. So, she lost her place in the War. She has no Servant that can reach the Grail... But she says she's still a Master. She doesn't quite feel like letting Zōken win on Sakura.
Even if she acts like she still wants to compete for the Grail, Shirō notices she didn't talk about not letting Zōken win, but about not being able to save Sakura if he won. Meaning it's Sakura who will have to win the Grail.
Shirō either still won't let Zōken do as he pleases.
Bickering between Shirō, Kotomine and Ilya about who will take care of her. In the end, it will be Shirō.
".... When did you start calling me by my first name, Tōsaka ?" Anyway, she'll help him.
"Oh, you know who's arm that is, right ? OK, so guess what, you're my Servant, Shirō !" Ilya goes hey wait, no way, he's still my Servant, I won't give him to you !
In the end, Shirō can choose... Choose Rin. He was saved by Archer and won't be able to beat Zōken alone. Ilya says, but Archer is Shirō's... Shirō's what ?
Rin goes home - it would be way too weird with Ilya and Sakura. Though Ilya says she need to help Rin with something and follows her. Something concerning the old Kishua, the old Magician, Zel Schweinorg. Shirō doesn't compute.
Born in 1967, tried to follow his father's steps, Kirei can remember being enjoyed only by making people suffer.
He tells Gilgamesh how he heard about Matō Zōken and "all the Evil of this World".
Shirō gets home with his arm hurting. He tells Sakura he's alright, but she gets angry, asking how he can be with one arm less. "Oooh that, yeah, sorry Sakura, I got busted pretty bad."
That's when Rin arrives. With Ilya. Sakura thinks she's here for a fight, and she will face her with all she has.
Rin explains how she will fight Zōken at her... Scratch that, at Shirō's side.
Shirō walks around a bit during the night - fever and pain from his arm prevents him from sleeping. He reflects about defeating TA, the Black Shadow and that black Saber that became Zōken's Servant. Chat with Rider.
When he asks, she says she wouldn't kill Sakura if she lost all her Command Spells, though she would if Sakura ordered her to. She likes her Master - afterall, they are alike.
Will Shirō remain Sakura's ally ? No matter what happens ?
In the night, "someone" goes out in a trance and kills some more guys. Sounds like someone's eating.

Day 10 : Rin
Ilya wakes Shirō up, since he sounded as if his left arm was hurting. She reminds him she promised to save him when he would be in pain. "Hey, you know, a girl shouldn't enter a guy's room so early in the morning."
Ilya wants to see Shirō in an apron, but in the end, doesn't follow him : Sakura is there. What ? Naaah, I don't hate her.
As Ilya also reminds him that the Tracing he would do would be Archer's magecraft, not his, he gets another series of visions of Tracings. Once again, if Shirō performs even one Tracing, there will be no way to save him.
Sakura wonders about Ilya's goal. Killing Kiritsugu. She has no goal anymore.
Shirō asks if Sakura would be OK about Ilya staying if she didn't want to get back. Sakura is embarassed : this is Shirō's house. Shirō replies that it's also Sakura's. Those decisions are usually taken with one's partner. AWWWWW.
Rin does no good in the morning. Morning news speak about 4 dead bodies. Zōken's doing... ? Maybe the Shadow's, rather.
After breakfast, war plans. Sakura and Ilya can stay here, protected by Rider ; Shirō and Rin can go beat Zōken. Well, the Shadow. They resume night patrol. Wait, Shirō too ? Sakura doesn't approve !
Rin explains, and does, to Shirō some stuff about controling his maryoku circulation between his chest, navel, and shoulder. Sakura is jealous of Rin touching Shirō in odd places and Shirō reacting weirdly to it.
Shirō tells Sakura she really should call Rin "nee-san", as he noticed she was restraining from doing so.
Later in his room, Shirō compares himself with Frankenstein's monster. Or to a cyborg. That's no laughing matter.
In Sakura's room, she says she noticed he kinda liked Rin. He also seems to like Ilya. Sakura has always wanted to be more like her sister, not only as a magus, but also as a girl.
Sakura's magic has become that of the Matō family : one that drains others.
Sakura ends up going to bed. She wants Shirō to stay a bit, because when she sleeps alone, she has dreadful nightmares. I WONDER WHAT THAT IS.
At the Matō residence, in Sakura's room, Shinji is pissed to see she's still not back.
He remembers how, even though he couldn't really do good magecraft, he was proud of being promised to be the head of the Matō magus family. Until Sakura came and replaced him. She should belong to him.
Nighttime at Emiyake, Rin and Shirō start going out. Rin still considers Sakura as a potential enemy - her goal is still the Grail. Shirō knows that Rin really does love her sister. Rin is upset, but thanks Shirō in the end for telling her he sees her as a true big sister.
While walking, Rin tells Shirō the rare times when Sakura was happy was when he was near. She laughed when he joined the archery club.
Back home, trying to sleep, Shirō's arm hurts like fuck. Shirō is thinking he has no weapon of any sort. His arm is the trigger for his images, but he'll die if he uses it.
Sakura comes in. Mana... I mean, sex time.
The Shadow is out again. Then is back in Sakura's room. Sakura doesn't get why she got out of her bed, can't remember a thing. She begins to understand, but is afraid to.

Day 11 : Shadow
Shirō feels a little weak when waking up. Still trying out his left arm, it's getting better day by day.
He starts going toward his basement, but Ilya stops him - as if she's suspecting something. Shirō dodges. In the end, no Tracing this morning, no.
Sakura seems to find something suspicious in Shirō's condition, and mentions the previous night. Shirō is clearly so oblivious to the whole mana exchange/*stealing* deal it's getting tiring.
Rin talks to Shirō about controling Archer's arm. Ilya visibly doesn't approve. In the end, what Rin wants Shirō to find out is how Archer controled his Noble Phantasm. Nah, he just has to not use Archer's arm. Yeah, Shirō had some doubts about her intentions, but Rin did notice the whole "I'll die if I use it" deal.
So Rin wants to know what was the thing about Archer's NP. Ilya knows Shirō should know it ever since he recieved the arm. "What ? Oh yeah, that was Tracing, why ?"
When Rin asks how Ilya knew about it, Ilya mentions how Rin wanted the "jeweled blade" traced in her reply. Shirō didn't get what it was that Rin wanted him to Trace.
Anyway, Rin says if they want to beat Servants like that new Saber, they need weapons at Servant level.
Ilya says she is the only one who knows the real bond between Shirō and Archer.
Outside, Sakura tries to get in, but Rin blocks her. As Sakura insists, Rin says she just wants Shirō to learn as much as he can from Archer's arm and level up his Reinforcement, that's all.
Sakura knows that in the end, he might be ready to just throw the Cloth away.
Rin replies that she could guess he already tried to. She's at least trying to focus him.
Sakura knows that as a Tōsaka magus, if she finds no other way, she will still have him use it : she fights to win.
Sakura doesn't get why Shirō is still fighting, he didn't have a reason to enter the War to begin with.
Rin explains how Shirō, who was saved by Archer, is her Servant until the end of the War.
After training his arm, Shirō's sanity is acting up. Static, and erratic speaking. Fuzzy memory.
Shirō and Ilya go buy some stuff, Shirō guesses Ilya is hidding what she really thinks of it all.
As Kiritsugu's son, he offers her to stay even after the Grail War. But she doesn't want to live in an Emiya house where Shirō wouldn't be.
She adds that Rin won't be able to finish the jeweled blade like she thinks with just an Image. Shirō's real ability isn't just the Image, but a full blown Tracing, Gugenka, complete replication.
Rin won't make it without having Shirō use Archer's arm. She knows Shirō already knows it.
She says Shirō won't be able to save everyone.
Nighttime. Shirō's sanity and memory still acts up every now and then. "If I became a bad person..." Nightmares after embracing [ ]... He begins to understand who the Shadow might be.
Back in his room, Sakura comes in. Yes, she did sleep, though she still got another frightful nightmare. Shirō is afraid to ask how frightful. Two hours of "embrace".
Sakura is seeing another frightful dream about something that kills. she's happy, though, since it's the first time Shirō actually asked her by himself. She fears nothing.
Suddenly, swords, hundreds of them, a rain of swords. Strange, pain. Why is she feeling pain when it's the Shadow that's being shot, when she is only dreaming it all ? I'll be at senpai's home when I open my eyes...
Gilgamesh keeps slashing at her. She wants Shirō to keep seeing her, touching her. "No way, if I die now, senpai will go to nee-san."
But she's still alive. Gilgamesh sees that too late and is devoured in an instant. This wasn't a dream.

Day 12 : Justice
"Katsute no jibun wo uragiru no ka ?" Will you betray the one you were up to now ? You have lived to save many people. Will you ignore it all to save just one woman ?
Shirō wakes up, Sakura isn't here. Rin comes back and says she found Sakura collapsed at the gate, they carry her back inside.
While Rin is watching over Sakura, Shirō still has trouble concentrating correctly - vision, and memory, acting up.
Ilya says he shouldn't try to remember what he forgot, it would be painful.
Shirō figures Rin and Ilya are back working on that jeweled blade. If he starts helping, it's the real deal he'll take out, not just a copy. For now, he won't use Archer's arm's magic, though.
He knows the first words to the UBW, Archer's one original (as in, not a copy) spell. My body is made out of swords.
... Can Shirō forgive Sakura for the list of some 60 names that are being printed on the morning news ?
As Shirō and Rin talk a bit, Shirō says he's glad he became a Master, since he got to know everyone. Rin says she knew him from a bit before. She explains how, a few years ago, she watched him look stupid trying again and over to do something he couldn't succeed in.
Rin says she wouldn't desperately try to do something she knows she can't do.
Sakura hears Rin tell Shirō about that time a few years ago.
She also hears Rin say she would definitely kill Sakura if it turned out Zōken wasn't the only dangerous one. Sakura heard Rin basically say that Sakura should be gone. Also, if she was, Shirō would be saved.
She didn't do anything. Everyone else did. Nobody saved her when she needed it. She won't die, nobody can kill her, even that golden guy couldn't. Yet they still talk about killing her. They already hate her anyway.
She's even contemplating killing Shirō herself so that no other girl would get him. "WAIT NO, I didn't mean that just now !"
What's right and what's wrong anymore ? She doesn't know anymore.
Shirō, while reflecting alone in his room, gets a visit from Assassin. He didn't come to kill him for now.
Shirō doesn't really want to get killed for the fourth time (Lancer, Berserker, Black Saber) but it's Zōken who wants to speak with him. Shirō goes to the Matō residence.
Shirō opens the discussion by telling Zōken to free Sakura.
But... He can't anymore. It's been a while he lost contact with the main worm in Sakura. She's been tainted by the Grail, which she will soon act as.
Sakura and the Grail, what ? Zōken made up his worms from the fragments of the previous Grail, and buried them in her, ten years ago. But there was something inside the Grail, something alive, that will be born : the fraud of the Einsbern.
The Grail was an experience for the Makiri, with help from the Tōsaka : resurrection (the Third Magic). Ilya is also part of the experiment.
Back on the reason why Zōken wanted to see Shirō : regarding the Shadow. Eh, wasn't the Shadow his ally ? No, didn't you listen, I told you I couldn't do anything anymore about it.
The Grail, a wish-granting machine, was an experiment from the Einsbern, Makiri and Tōsaka : it was meant to be a "Gate" to something. But the Shadow (the original one), which was linked to it, escaped. Sakura's Shadow, the Shadow Sakura let slip out from the Grail. Sakura isn't aware of it, though.
To stop the Grail, you'll have to stop Sakura. by the way, Zōken doesn't even care about getting Sakura back anymore. He hasn't touched her. If she's in pain even now, it's because of herself only.
Yeah, beating Zōken here and now doesn't even have any meaning. If he is beaten, the War will be declared as over, and the Grail will activate.
What would save her is the Greater Grail (of the Einsbern) and the Gate. All will be done in 4 days.
Zōken concludes that it would be best to kill Sakura. The Shadow will keep eating people tonight. If Shirō follows Emiya Kiritsugu, then Matō Sakura is his enemy. There is no escape.
Walking back, Shirō remembers he decided to remain her ally. Not the ally of justice, Sakura's ally. Thinking back to the fire and the black tower, he can't let that happen again either.
"Omae ga ima made no jibun wo itei shi, tatta hitori wo ikasou to iu no nara" Will you abandon the one you have been up to now, only to let one person live.
Kore wa, hitori wo mamoru ka, hitori igai no subete wo mamoru ka to iu, sou iu hanashi. Kekkyoku, saigo ni dare no mikata wo suru no ka. The question is, will you protect only one person, or everyone else other than that person. Whose ally will you be in the very end.
I have up to tonight to decide.
Ilya is angry that Shirō avoids any discussion. Shirō ends up asking Ilya about the Grail.
Ilya is the Grail. She is a homunculus. An artificially made human, that has the shape of a human, but isn't really a human. Made out of magic circuits. She's the one supposed to recover the souls of the Servants when they are defeated. That was the whole purpose of Ilya's existence.
But... there are two Grails, with Sakura, then ? She's the one who devoured the souls of Berserker, Caster, Lancer and Saber. Ilya recieved only Archer.
Shirō goes and talks with Sakura. They promise to go together for the hanami.
Nightime. Shirō slips into Sakura's room with a knife. He hesitates, but can't kill her in the end.
Sakura no tame ni, kon'ya mo ooku no ningen wo migoroshi ni shita seigi no mikata. Shinjiru mono no tame ni shijou wo kiri suteta Kiritsugu.
In the end, it's Sakura he needs to most. Shirō leaves. Sakura stops him. "Why didn't you kill me ?" Aw f*ck, she was awake. She tells him he can do it.
She explains her "dreams" and asks him to do it before she becomes a bad person.
He can't. Shirō has betrayed himself.
As Shirō is gone, Sakura calls Rider. Rider says she would probably have killed him if he had killed Sakura, but Sakura tells her to never do that. Her last Command Spell is used for that : protect Shirō until the end.
Sakura will stop Zōken.

Day 13 : Evil
The Shadow hasn't done anything tonight. Rin tells Shirō to rest, because they will practise Tracing tonight. Seems like Rin knew the identity of the Shadow already.
While Rin goes and check on Sakura, Shirō is thinking that once the War is over, the promise between the Tōsaka and the Matō will be over and Rin and Sakura can be sisters again.
Shirō is still hiding from Rin the fact that if she beats Zōken tonight, the Grail in Sakura will open up and the thing inside will act up. He doesn't know what will happen to Sakura once that begins. Ilya basically said she wouldn't be human anymore. He has to protect her until the end and can't think of anything better.
If Rin can challenge Zōken easily, she won't beat the Shadow. Shirō is the one who has to do something about it. But can he ? It's the thing that came out of the Grail.
... Shirō realizes something about Kotomine. He didn't know that Zōken built his worms on the fragments of the Grail of 10 years ago ? Shouldn't he know what was inside the Grail at that time ? He sets off to meet him.
Meanwhile, Rin doesn't find Sakura in her bedroom, only Rider. Waiting for Sakura's return. Rin tells her that when she comes back, she won't be Matō Sakura.
Sakura arrives at the Matō residence, aching all over. She can't find Zōken anywhere. But Shinji is there. He hits here.
Shirō reaches the Church. Indeed, Kotomine knew about Sakura being the Grail.
He knew a "black Grail" was inside her. But then, he should have known that letting her live was a bad idea. Why did he save her ?
Shirō wanted to protect her, but that's completely different, Kotomine actually saved her when he shouldn't have...
He saved her because if he hadn't, she would have been the only one to die. Meaning he saved her because he wanted the Black Shadow to live, not "to save her". She was "pregnant" of the darkness of the Grail. That's why he used up all his magus seals.
What's inside the Grail is "something that kills humans". That's what Kotomine and Kiritsugu stumbled upon, that's what Kiritsugu tried to destroy. The black tower and the black hole on its top was the Gate of the Grail.
What it really is is what the Einsbern (unintentionnally) summoned on the third War. 60 years later was the fourth War, when the Gate opened early, when there was still 2 Servants left : Archer (Gilgamesh) and Saber.
And that thing is what the Black Shadow comes from, the curse that kills humans. But the real deal is not fully born yet. The "Black Shadow" is just Sakura.
Sakura will "become" the Gate, and Kotomine wants the thing inside to be born.
Shirō thought defeating the Shadow before Sakura turns into the Grail would save her. But if Sakura is the curse itself... She won't be able to turn back when the War is over.
And Kotomine let Sakura live to permit that Hell. And Shirō gave a hand in making Sakura function as the Grail.
Shirō hits him.
"It doesn't even exist yet, is it really evil ? -Of course, it's meant to kill people, that's a demon ! -But are you going to kill something that isn't even born ? -Well, that Shadow is already killing people ! -Isn't it evil to want to kill something that is trying to be born ? Does that thing know it is evil ?" Err, right.
Kotomine didn't want Sakura, nor did he want the Grail like Zōken did. He just wanted what was inside.
Shirō lets Kotomine for now - he did save Sakura, afterall. Kotomine points out it's the mother he saved.
Final question from Shirō before parting. Can Sakura be saved ? You could kill the Grail inside of her right when she is turning into the Grail. That's a 50/50.
Koomine's final question : can Shirō forgive her ? She ate many people. If Shirō fails, she will kill even more. If he feels a little bit sorry for the ones that are already dead, he should kill her. Is he not following Kiritsugu's steps ?
Kotomine says that while Kiritsugu cut down his feelings for his goal, Kotomine didn't have any feeling to cut down.
Well, if it's only Sakura that Shirō wants to save, then he won't stop him.
Kotomine points out that Zōken intends to take over Sakura's body once she well become empty. That's how he's been surviving for so long. That's his purpose, immortality.
So in the end, Zōken needs to be destroyed. That's when Sakura will be designated as winner of the War, that's when Shirō will have to do his move.
Finally back home, Shirō immediately notices something feels very out of place. Sakura is gone.
Rin has been waiting for him. They'll look for her, but she warns him that he knows what they'll have to do if what they find isn't Sakura anymore.
Ilya tells Shirō Sakura went alone because she didn't want him to see her like that, she did it to protect him. She went to erase herself. The Sakura that loved Shirō isn't here anymore.
Both Ilya and Sakura have a self inside themselves that Shirō doesn't know. Shirō won't find the Sakura he is looking for. Still, will he look for her ?
Hell yes. That's the same for Ilya. If she became someone he didn't know, she would still be ilya.
Anyway, Ilya says Sakura definitely went to Zōken. Shirō goes there.
Nobody is there. Shirō goes to Sakura's room. He finds Shinji on her bed. Dead.
[sometime earlier] Shinji was being violent on her, and Sakura wants him to stop. Senpai accepted her and her body. She doesn't belong to Shinji anymore, but to Shirō. Shinji is pissed and starts hitting her.
He tells her he will explain everything to Emiya, what they did with her. Sakura would die of shame. But Shirō wouldn't blame her, would he ? He would forgive her, wouldn't he ? ... Would he ? Forgive Shinji ?
Shinji keeps undressing her. He will tell Shirō everything. Does he take so much pleasure in her shame ?
... Sakura kills Shinji. That's the Shadow, Sakura's Shadow. No, that's her.
Her dreams weren't dreams, that was her. Killing everyone, anyone. And laughing at it. She laughs again.
"Look at me, Senpai, I'm going mad.
-You've killed a lot, Sakura. You're not human anymore already. Get the Grail of the Einsberns. That's all that can get you alive. -Yes, grandfather. I won't loose to anyone, I won't let anyone block me anymore."
Shirō finds Shinji's dead body on the bed. Nothing else. He understands it's Sakura's doing.
Zōken's voice comes out : Shirō is a bit late. Finally, the 500 year old wish of the Makiri is coming true.
Shirō rushes back to Ilya.
Sakura reaches the Emiya residence. She'll complete the Ten no Sakazuki, the 200 year old promised ground.
First time, it was at the Ryuudouji. Second was at the Tōsaka's. Third was the church on the hill. Fourth was the plain. This time should be the same place as the first, where it all began.
Rin greets Sakura and asks her why she went out. She knows what Sakura plans about Ilya. She tells her she was stupid not to believe in the guy who swore to protect her.
Sakura is telling Rin to get out as dark seals form on her skin. Rin's in trouble. In an instant, shadows appear all over the Emiya residence. Black Saber comes out.
From the speed at which Sakura calls out her shadows, it seems she has a lot of maryoku.
Rin is getting sucked into Sakura's shadow. That's when Shirō arrives.
Sakura says Shirō must have seen Shinji - but he doesn't want to speak about him. He tries to talk to her, but she refuses.
It finally hits Shirō : Sakura is a killer. Yes, you said you would protect me. Still, you didn't see only me.
Sakura gets delirious a bit, then says she will kill him. Shirō gets sucked into the shadow.
... And Rider gets him out. "That was your order, Sakura. No matter what, protect Emiya Shirō."
Ilya comes in as well. There's no meaning in that Sakura anymore.
She will follow Sakura. Even if it means she will die. As Sakura said, "right now" she is the strongest. Let's go to the Einsbern castle.
Sakura makes her shadows retreat - but she doesn't want Shirō to come near her anymore. She would kill him.
Ilya follows Sakura and bids farewell to her brother. So Shirō couldn't even save Ilya.
Shirō tries to follow them... But is stopped by Black Saber. Short talk and she goes away. Shirō collapses.

Day 14 : Black
Shirō dreams of Saber before he lost her, then of how Kiritsugu couldn't save anyone - except him. Then of Archer's arm. He remembers how Ilya told him he wouldn't be able to choose to save all he has.
Wakes up at the church. The voice asking him what he would do was Kotomine. He rescued him, and Rin is back home for a rest.
Anyway, Shirō knows what he'll do. Retrieve Ilya, and retrieve Sakura. Protect the one he loves.
...... Kotomine follows Shirō. Won't be able to do it alone, eh. He'll lend him a hand.
Reaching the forest, Kotomine gives Shirō one of his Black Keys. Church weapons that can hit spiritual bodies.
Kotomine stops - "Wait, just checking, but you're not coming to retrieve Matō Sakura, are you ? -What, of course I am, I'm here to save here. -OK, stop right here, boy."
Anyway, Shirō is thinking that Tracing that famous "jeweled blade" will be the only way against Zōken and the Black Shadow. Kotomine reminds Shirō he has no way to face the Shadow.
Sakura isn't "becoming" the Shadow, since the real deal is inside the Grail. What she's changing into is just her own shadow. ... More talk about the Grail, what's inside, and Sakura. About the pact between the Einsbern and Tohasaka 200 years ago. If Zōken gets Ilya, he'll use both her and Sakura as Grails.
Kotomine reminds him they'll be enemies as soon as Ilya is retrieved, though - he doesn't have the same goal as them, past that.
Shirō compares him with Zōken - but Kotomine disagrees : he doesn't want to "possess" whatever will get out of the Grail, he just want to see it be born. Even if he'll probably die too.
Afterall, that thing just wants to be born. It doesn't know what's right, what's good. What Kotomine wants to know is if it can be forgiven. (... kinda like how Shirō is trying to forgive Sakura, by the way...) When it is born, it has no sin.
... Anyway. Right now, they have the same goal.
In the castle, a familiar warcry is heard. Zōken mentions the black and the white Grails, and tells Sakura that Shirō and Kotomine are coming. Berserker is sent out.
Shirō and Kotomine break into the castle. They rapidly find Ilya.
Ilya says she ought to stay and take care of Sakura herself while Shirō goes home, but Shirō refuses.
Kotomine takes Ilya out. Shirō tries a Reinforcement on himself, jumps... And fails. Bah. True that was some 20 meters. UUUUUHHH I'm not doing that again, guys, OK ?!
... Berserker is coming, let's run like hell. Kotomine carries Ilya. At 100 meters in 7 seconds. In the forest. Dude, are you even human ?!
Assassin is after them. Kotomine lets Shirō take Ilya, he'll take care of Assassin. He takes out his Black Keys.
Berserker is still after them too...
[Overload] Kotomine talks with Zōken while defending from Assassin's Darks. He's here for Zōken. He doesn't care what happens to Shirō and Ilya, he only took Ilya to make Zōken come out.
Ilya makes Shirō stop running. Trace... On ! Ilya tries to speak with Black Berserker. He has lost his eyesight, nose, and mouth.
Kotomine defends against Assassin's Darks, and Assassin unleashes his Zabaniya. But Kotomine's heart is empty.
Kotomine uses a purification spell on Zōken's soul.
Ilya can't stop Black Berserker. As BB is about to strike her, Shirō boosts up. Something with which he can beat him. something big enough. the very blade he uses. Shirō's Tracing breaks on the first impact.
His left arm is rioting. He feels like he's breaking. Ilya, helping him stand up, immediately understands what he plans to do.
She wants him to run away alone, but he wouldn't have even come if it was to do that. A brother should protect his sister. Wait, she's not his sister... Too late, you called me big brother once, I'm your brother.
They hide a bit from the blind Black Berserker. Shirō is ready. To get Ilya back and save Sakura. Ilya doesn't want him to do that, but still.
[Nine Bullet Revolver] Shirō whips out the Holy Cloth of Martin and unleashes Archer's arm. Flood of knowledge in an instant. Bright light, strong wind. It doesn't hurt. He sees an illusion of Archer.
Tsuite koreru ka ---tsuite koreru ka, ja nee. Temee no hou koso, tsuite kiyagare-- !
Mugen no kensei. Shirō's and Archer's worlds are slightly different. Shirō feels like something is breaking in his brain.
Overcome the speed of sound, with the speed of gods... !
Shirō strikes Berserker with 8 hits of the Nine Lives Blade Works skill he learned from the giant sword, then thrusts for a final hit as Berserker is still standing. But his attack is still coming. Even if Shirō sees it, even if he can twist his head out of it, the sword missing him by several millimeters will still behead him.
At the last moment, Berserker's attack stops in a blink. Berserker is looking, past Shirō, at Ilya who came out of hiding. Shirō finishes his thrusts through Berserker's heart. Ilya was trying to stop Shirō.
Black Saber is standing there. Shirō is thinking he can't win - he can't even Trace Saber's NP. Right now, Saber is the strongest Servant. She says he can't save Sakura. But Shirō can't loose here. He must get Ilya out for now.
Saber retreats, saying Sakura is calling her. Shirō knows Saber is an enemy, and has nothing to tell her.
Shirō feels like he's breaking and knows he can do only 3 major Tracing left.
Assassin figures out Kotomine wanted him to use Zanabiya from the beginning. Because it couldn't work in him. Looks like Kotomine didn't appreciate Assassin killing Lancer. At all.
Kotomine remembers the only one woman he loved, until around 10 years ago. A woman with no future. He loved her for her pain. He thought he loved her. When she died, he realized that he had wanted to kill her himself - out of love or hate, he didn't know.
The woman's death was meaningless. She couldn't change him.
Sakura comes in to Kotomine. She has become her Shadow. She is now a full eirei, a Counter Guardian (just like Archer, one that is given power to by the World, usually from a given soul - in this case, Angra Mainyu)
She's drunk in her power. She explains Kotomine how she couldn't endure herself anymore. She realized she hated this world (that one is probably Angra Mainyu speaking) She can't forgive those who treated her like that unaware of her pain. She's gonna bring the same pain to them.
Kotomine says she's just hiding. She's still Matō Sakura, despite what she says. This makes Sakura angry, since he's the one who helped turning her like that.
Kotomine replies he only let her live so that she could bring out Avenger. So what if he doesn't know her pain ? He doesn't have to.
Sakura says Kotomine already died 10 years ago, shot in the heart by Kiritsugu. She doesn't remember the name, but he only lived because his golden Servant reached the Grail. That's when he was saved by Avenger, "all the Evil of this World", Angra Mainyu - the "anti-heroic spirit". But now, she is Angra Mainyu. She will retrieve the black heart AM gave him.
Right at the last moment, she realizes Berserker has been defeated. She feels like she is about to disappear.
Kotomine took the opportunity. But he's going to die soon enough anyway, with his black heart destroyed.
Shirō and Ilya get out of the forest. Shirō's vision remains fuzzy for a while. At home, he starts feeling like swords are piercing throughout his body. He realizes what it means to say "Emiya Shirō" is disappearing. He looks at Rin's pendant he kept from the first night. He never knew whose it was.
He calculates that he has 3 main Tracing left. His heart starts making odd sounds. The unlimited number of blades are being made inside his body instead of outside.
He wants to go to Rin's house with Ilya.... But Rin is there already. She would have wanted him to come *before* going to the forest. Ilya says that with Zōken's death, they should have one day left.
Ilya tells some more about Avenger to Shirō and Rin. The curse inside the Greater Grail of the Einsbern. The thing that the Einsbern Master of the Third War called forth by mistake.
For some reason, Ilya seem different to Rin and Shirō.
Servants, when beaten in the Grail War, don't disappear - their soul go to the Grail. The Grail needs only the Eireis, the Masters are here to summon them.
The result is what the Einsbern lost, the Heaven's Feel - Ten no Sakazuki, the Third of the Five Magic : materialization of a soul. Through which resurrection, and immortality, are possible.
Is it the materialization of the Servant's soul ? Not quite. The system of summoning an eirei uses just a part of the Third Magic, but the soul of the eirei is still a soul, they aren't "alive" right now, mainly since they will disappear at the end of the war (the original one at the Throne isn't really resurrected, the copy disappears)
Rin says it feels a bit odd because there aren't many Magic Users around, including the Aozaki one.
The Great Grail is what controls the systerm of the Grail War, the Grail is what recovers the defeated souls of the Eireis in order to put the Great Grail in motion. And still, only spirits can reach it, hence eirei souls.
Also, if the eireis don't care, they wouldn't do it, so you have to have them interested : grant their wish.
What the Einsbern were interested in was just the souls of the eireis to begin with, they needed powerful souls.
The current rules were established on the second attempt, where the Einsbern, Makiri and Tōsaka asked for help from other magi - they were only 3 for the first try.
After their summoning, the Servants were just a bother, all that was needed was their soul - so let's kill them to collect the souls. So in the end, let's settle that by seeing who's the strongest.
The War isn't a fight to be the one to reach the Grail, it's a ceremony to complete the Grail.
.... Shirō doesn't really follow it all. Blargh, whatever, that doesn't concern us, I don't really care.
Rin is upset to hear Shirō say he doesn't give a damn about magic. That's REAL Magic we're talking about, dude, not just magecraft ! Man ! The Third Magic, the big taboo among taboos for the Association !
Yeah, whatever you say. Looks like that ceremony got fucked up at some point anyway. And just how the hell did it turn Sakura into what she is right now ? Rin shuts up, ouch.
[sum up : Einsbern want to recover their lost Magic, the Third Magic. Makiri want imortality. Tōsaka are just there. Einsbern build the Grail for that, the Grail needs powerful souls to work, Eirei souls. Einsbern, Makiri and Tōsaka weren't enough on the first try, ask other magi for the next. We need eirei souls, but so that they accept a summoning, let's grant their wish, it's not too hard. Once Servants are summoned, that's fine, let's kill them to collect the souls. Eireis aren't really resurrected anyway, that's just a little piece of the Third Magic. So let's make it a "war to see who's the strongest". The normal Grail collects the souls, and the Great Grail system controls the War.]
... So, Ilya, Kotomine mentionned something inside the Grail, Avenger ? Ah, Kotomine knew it, no wonder, he's the same as Sakura.
Avenger was summoned by the Einsbern in the Third War, as a killing machine. An ancient spirit, it's the evilest of the demons : the eirei Angra Mainyu. A curse that was given a body, the anti-hero. A devil from old persian legends.
But isn't that a deity ? The Grail shouldn't be able to call up something like that, only actual eireis. Angra Mainyu shouldn't even be considered a hero. Anyway, the einsbern Master did it.
Angra Mainyu was a name given a body. What the whole world wished for : the embodiment of evil. Only one being would be all the evil of the world. To prove human weren't evil : only that being that was evil.
A young man was chosen, and all the evil of the world was shoved on him as a curse. They made him the enemy of mankind. To save mankind.
That's how technically, he's a hero : he took over all the world's evil so that the rest of the world wouldn't be evil. The anti-hero Angra Mainyu, All the Evil of This World, king of demons. A wish given a body by a curse.
So now, how did that thing come inside the Grail. Summoned by the Einsbern Master in the Third War. But he was weak, he really was just a human, afterall. He was rapidly killed and sent back to the Grail that collected the souls of the fallen Servants.
... But the Grail is a wish-granting machine. And Angra Mainyu was the very embodiment of the 60 millions of humans's wish of giving "evil" a shape. That wish was granted, and it polluted the Grail of the Einsbern. OH SHI-
Makiri's 500 years and Einsbern's 1000 years are but kids in comparison to the 2000+ years of "mankind's hope", the curse of 60 millions of humans.
Kiritsugu was aware of it. He tried to destroy the Grail and the danger of having the Black Shadow that was inside come out. Only a piece of it was left in the Greater Grail. That's the piece that hit Kotomine and Sakura. Zōken found a piece of it, and planted it into Sakura, linking her to the Servant inside the Grail.
... So Sakura has an ongoing contract with the Servant Avenger. That's what Zōken wants. When Sakura's humanity will be gone, he take her empty body, to reform her into himself with his worms. He only ever saw Sakura as an empty shell he would take over. Too bad, Kotomine purified Zōken and annihilated him.
And Sakura is bringing that human-killing machine to the world. Let's stop Angra Mainyu. Kill Sakura and destroy the Grail before "all the evil of this world" comes out. That'll be in the Ryuudouji undergrounds.
Shirō is thinking Rin wants to fight Sakura to kill her, while he wants to end the fight by saving Sakura.
That's when Sakura arrives in the Emiya grounds. No, that's just a shadow of her, the real Sakura is at the Ryuudouji undergrounds. Anyway, she doesn't seem too happy that Rin learned it all from Ilya.
When Rin asks, Sakura says AM hasn't fully come out yet. She hasn't fully disappeared yet, but she doesn't know how long she can hold. She tells Rin to take Shirō and run far away. Before her and AM kill each other (why ? dunno) she at least wants Shirō to be safe somewhere else.
But Rin, as a Tōsaka magus, can't leave and ignore Sakura's current self. She will kill her herself.
As Sakura's shadow disappears, Shirō gets more vertigo. Looks like she isn't the only one whose time is counted.
Shirō will Trace the jeweled sword. He will give Rin the weapon that will kill Sakura. Nah, he will give her the weapon that will release her from the Shadow. He still thinks there should be a way to let Sakura live without killing everyone else. Is saving a killer your Justice now ? No, he will just protect her.
... Whatever Rin says, Shirō still feels she wants to save her too. They both love her.
10:00, time to Trace that Housekiken. So yeah, think you can do something even without using Archer's arm ? Uh oh, Ilya didn't tell her. ... Eeeh, yes, I think I'll get somewhere.
So we'll base your Tracing on that Azoth blade here and get support from Ilya. Watch out with that one, it's loaded with 10 years worth of maryoku. Now we'll use all of my jewels.
... You seem very confident about that jeweled sword, you know. Of course, it stopped the Moon from crashing. Err, I didn't get that just now, but if you say so. (yes, Zelretch used it looong ago when Brunestud of the Crimson Moon tried to crash the Moon on Earth)
When they enter Shirō's storage room to begin the Tracing, Ilya tells Rin to wait outside until she calls her.
Just before, Shirō asks Rin if he can keep the Azoth blade afterward.
Inside, Ilya asks Shirō if he really has no regret.
Then Shirō points out he must see a weapon to be able to replicate it, even with Archer's arm. Ilya hasn't seen it herself either, but she says he will find a "record" of it inside her. Tōsaka's old master had it when he created the Greater Grail.
Ilya sends Shirō into her memories again (like in the park to visit the castle) to show him 200 year old records. She will then untie Archer's arm and he will Trace the weapon then.
Something breaks in Shirō. He sees things he doesn't understand. He sees a white woman named Lizleihi Justicia von Einsbern. And Makiri Zōken and Tōsaka Nagato. Without Justicia, the Grail would be a mere Grail. She is needed for the Heaven's Feel.
Shirō feels like his body splits. Then he finally sees the original jeweled blade. The closer he gets to it, the more he breaks. Ilya tries to have him come back, but he insists... When he comes back, his arm hurts like hell.
But he saw it. Kishua Zelretch Schweinorg's jeweled blade. He can Trace it. This one is just a copy Zelretch gave to the head of Tōsaka back then, though.... Wait, Tōsaka's old Master was a Magic User ??
Yes, says Rin who barged in, he was the user of the Kaleidoscope magic. Shirō doesn't even hear everythin she says, since he's still very dizzy from the pain. Well, whatever, I don't care. I'm holding the blade Rin didn't see me Trace, she probably didn't get it was a full one. More pain.
And Rin notices the pendant Shirō was holding. Shirō doesn't understand her reaction. What ? I'm holding it as a keepsake, what's wrong ?
Shirō can't quite remember where he got it right now. He feels like he has to keep it, though.
Rin says she has it too. She takes hers out. That's right, Tōsaka uses jewels for her magecraft. The one Rin has is completely void of maryoku while Shirō's still has a little bit of it. Rin takes Ilya out for a talk, looking upset. You rest for an hour meanwhile, boy.
... Hey, what am I doing here already, fuzzy memory. I thought I was about to go to the Ryuudouji... Rider is here. She's sorry she couldn't do anything for the Berserker episode. Also, she's a bit lost : her order was to protect Shirō at all cost, but now they are her Master's enemy. So shouldn't she kill Shirō ?
Tell her the same thing as usual. What was it already ? Sakura's ally until the end.
Right, if Rider lets Shirō go, Sakura will suffer. Will he still go there to kill her ? No, to save her. I'm protecting her until the end, so please lend me your strenght. For what ? Saber's NP.
In the end, Rider accepts and will recognize Shirō as her master for a time.
In his room, Shirō decides to bring the Azoth blade. And the pendant Rin recognized as hers. As he gets ready to go when Ilya calls for him, his mind acts up again and he seems to forget what he was just doing. Ilya says that she will wait for the three of them, with Rin and Sakura, to come back.
Shirō gives a last glance to the house he has lived in for 10 years. And the basement in which he's been chasing after Kiritsugu's back. Each time, he remembers the times when Sakura was there, surprised at how much she meant to him - his memory keeps getting worse. But he remembers the promise they did, when he knew he wouldn't keep it.

Day 15 : Protect
Kotomine is standing under what looks like a dragon piercing through the sky. Sakura, Assassin and the dying Zōken, as worm, are here too. Looks like Sakura can't hear Zōken already, becoming empty. Zōken, the worm user, sees that as his chance.
... But Sakura is fine. And, bye Assassin, who was just one Hasan (Hasan Sabah, his real identity - "just one" as they were a few assassins with that name), now gets eaten. "Why, he did try to attack Senpai. Twice ! Yes, I'm the only one who has the right to hurt Senpai."
Sakura takes out, from her own heart, the main worm that was Zōken's last piece of life after Kotomine's exorcism on his soul. "Oh, I thought you were much bigger, grandfather. Those 200 years of living must have been tiring."
Rin directs Rider and Shirō not into the Ryuudouji, but in the forest at its feet.
As they enter the darkness of the passage they found in a rock, Rin asks why Shirō made the jeweled blade. "Nande'tte, nande sa. -You're sure about giving me a weapon to kill Sakura ? -Well, to save Sakura, two is better than one anyway. And I promised I would trace it."
"I wanted to keep at least that promise : let Rin win the War - though she already can't anymore. Again a promise I couldn't keep. To the girl I kinda liked at that time, Tōsaka Rin."
In the large cavern, they find Black Saber. As Rin prepares to fight, Saber says it would be disobeying Sakura. Rin leaves Shirō and Rider. She hopes Shirō will make it through and join her to face Sakura.
Alright Shirō, time to die. You said die ? Rider has to disagree.
Sou ka. Nara, koko de omae wo shoumetsu saseru. Ore wa Sakura wo tasukeru. Sono tame ni, omae wa jama da.
Shirō thinks he has no time to lose, as he should still need to face Zōken and Assassin. Rider gets rid of the Gorgon Breaker.
Rin sees the big black tower, the "ten no sakazuki" and Angra Mainyu atop. Zōken is the one who manipulated Sakura, so he should be her target. But, er, where is he ? Here's Sakura. She reeks of shadow. Right now, she is Angra Mainyu.
Rin prepares the jeweled blade, that can draw and release an unlimited mana backup.
Sakura tells Rin Zōken is dead already. Assassin too. Also, I won't be free as long as you're around, big sister.
As Sakura speaks about how she feels like killing just about anyone, Rin asks about Shirō, who still believe he can save her. And actually, Shirō is the only one Sakura wants to kill. To eat.
So much for killing each other with Angra Mainyu. Shadow giants rise toward Rin.
Black Saber vs Rider. Just as Rider dashes toward Saber, Shirō feels an urge to Trace. Rider seems to be fighting knowing she'll die. Shirō's mind goes haywire again, and more pain. Memories disappear.
Black Saber prepares her Noble Phantasm. From 50 meters. Excalibur vs Bellerophon.
Automatically, Shirō initiates a Tracing. He knows Bellerophon won't be enough. Rho Aias. With his right hand, not the left, hence an incomplete one. Big pain. Still, but the Bell breaks through the Black Calibur.
Both Rider and Saber are alive, but none can even stand up.
Shirō takes out the Azoth blade. If he doesn't kill her, she'll kill them. Now he won't make any more memory with Saber. That's the path Shirō chose, kill other people to save Sakura. Thank you for saving me so many times.
[Alternatively : if Shirō didn't give the correct answer to Rider the previous evening, she doesn't come. He fights Black Saber alone, by Tracing Kanshō and Bakuya.
As he fights, he assimilates more and more of Archer's fighting style with the twin blades. Saber never uses her holy sword, only sword skills. Shirō's speed rises.
As Saber tells Shirō she will now come at him to kill him, Shirō gets more memories from Archer. At that point, Shirō catches an image of the real Saber and doesn't even recognize her.
Shirō begins the chant of Kanshō and Bakuya - Tracing multiple pairs of the blades in advance to take them out later. He looses a pair of his blades, but gets out another one immediately. Broken again.
Shirō finally remembers Saber's name, as he succeeds in slamming both swords on her completing the tactic used by Archer with his twin blades - the sets of blades that are saved up coming at her from behind.
He was able to beat her, but in the end, his condition got too bad and Saber wins, as Shirō can't do anymore Tracing to help Rin. In the distance, Shirō hears the fight between Rin and Sakura. Having used up all his Tracing, he can't do anything with this body.]
Rin unleashes the Zelretch blade on the shadows, a weapon that is at Noble Phantasm level. Waves of mana slay the shadow giants down, and Sakura is dumbfounded. Rin is simply erasing Sakura's maryoku with her own.
But Rin shouldn't have that much maryoku, she shot down like 7 of those. With strikes very similar to Saber's NP.
No, that's not a copy of Saber's NP. Nor it is a shadow-killing demonic sword. That's just the Zelretch blade used by the Tōsaka family. Sakura doesn't even know the name Zelretch.
If Sakura has an unlimited source of mana as the Grail, "Zelretch" draws mana from an unlimited number of possible alternate realities, based on how jewels make multiple reflections of light, hence majutsu using jewelry. That's the Second Magic. "Don't look down on me just because you got a little stronger."
Actually, Rin can only draw as much as her own maximum for each shot. But that can be refilled at will, and Rin is a good enough magus to still beat Sakura with just that.
In the end, Sakura was just jealous of Rin, and always wanted her to recognize her abilities just once. She also hoped her sister would come and save her from the Matō. But she never did. Sakura waited for 11 years to be saved from the inhuman Makiri.
She ended up hating not only Zōken, but also her father who put her there, and Rin who never saved her.
Rin replies that in the end, she was the only one who was too weak. Rin never even knew Sakura got hurt. She doesn't understand people's pain. Sakura should have let her know herself, as she couldn't have guessed alone.
She never even thought she was more gifted, or better, than Sakura, as Sakura has lately believed.
As Sakura gets pissed at Rin, Rin detonates the Zelretch on her, then rushes at her while she is blinded by the blast.
But Rin never finishes her off. She could never say it to Shirō, but... She could never kill her, even at the very end. She does love her sister, even though she always said she would kill her. Rin collapses.
Shirō's pain is rising, and he thinks he can't do too many more Tracing. He can't even walk too well, and keeps losing blood. Still takes the time to check on Rider.
For a while, Shirō has been hearing weird sounds. He realizes that something is really happening inside his body.
Shirō reaches the towering Grail. He finds an unconscious Rin, and Sakura fighting over the Shadow, crying that she killed her dear sister. Crying about how stupid she was, how she kept betraying Shirō who still always believed in her. The command spell-colored curse keep rolling around her.
Sakura is trying to kill herself, but the Shadow needs her as a Master and prevents her from doing so.
Shirō points out that Rin is still alive, she'll be saved.
The Shadow prevents Shirō from approaching Sakura, and Shirō recieves a blow on the back. He knows it's not Sakura, though. He keeps trying to force his way to her. Sakura cries seeing Shirō get hurt even more.
Sakura can't control herself. She isn't strong enough in the end. Shirō keeps going forward step by step, while Sakura tells him to run away with Rin and forget about her. She'll kill him before he kills her.
But Shirō still says he'll get her out of it, not kill her. She still thinks she killed too many people, and shouldn't be saved.
Once more, Shirō gets rid of the Holy Cloth around his arm. He starts losing himself again. But before that.
He tells her he'll protect her, as one should protect the one they love. He deflects the attacks from the Shadow, then gets close to Sakura, and activates one more Tracing. Rule Breaker. He can't even see Sakura's face anymore.
With the Rule Breaker, he thrusts at Sakura and frees her from the black Command Spells of the Shadow.
Angra Mainyu. The Shadow is still coming out of the Grail even without Sakura. Shirō will destroy it.
He thinks of the Black Calibur. One more Tracing it is. Rider is here, and Shirō doesn't even recognizes her. Who was that already ? Oh yes, of course I know her. Rider takes Sakura and Rin out. But, what about you, Shirō ?
Sakura is still in danger as long as that thing is there. Shirō can't even remember Rider's name correctly.
Rider is out, and Shirō goes toward the Grail, his mind getting worse by the minute.
Hundreds of blades are really growing inside my body. My body is made of swords. But nobody can stop me anymore.

[if you choose to Trace a Caladbolg to help Rider against Black Saber, skip to NORMAL END]

Kotomine Kirei is there. He's dead already, just like Shirō, but he stands there, blocking him. His black heart is gone. Shirō isn't the only one whose life is ending.
Kotomine has but one goal, to let the curse be born. He won't be able to control it, but so what. He'll die, but whatever. Both of them, if they succeed in their goal, either destroy it or protect it, they will both die just afterward. They both came here fully aware of that.
Just as Emiya Shirō feels pleasure at the happiness of others, Kotomine Kirei feels pleasure in their pain. Why does HE want to kill it ? It isn't even born, and you call it evil, how arrogant. Isn't it love to let live something that wants to be born ? Nonsense, it has already killed so many people. We can't let that out.
So you are saying that killing is evil, right ?
Shirō can't reply, since that's what Sakura has been doing. And Shirō was protecting her. The justice Emiya Shirō had been protecting before, he has abandonned it.
When something is born, it is neither evil nor good. Human who know both evil and good yet sometime choose good are superior to angels who only know of good.
So is Kotomine trying to forgive "all the evil of this world". It was meant as such, yet what does it think of itself ? That's what Kotomine wants : to know the worth of an existence meant to be worthless. That's what he killed Shirō's father and saved Sakura for. The same wish as Shirō, yet its opposite.
Shirō understands only one thing. He used Sakura for that. He killed a lot, too.
Shirō couldn't ever recognize such a wish. That's why he hated him so much. But he really liked him a lot for being so certain that what he did wasn't wrong. They both dedicated themselves to the reply that would free them from their sin. Even death wouldn't make them budge from their decision and the path they always walked.
None of them have time to waste, so they should fight as soon as possible to fullfil their goal. Both of their bodies are dead, so they have only their fists.
Kotomine is using Tōsaka's chinese kenpou style. He strikes against Shirō's soul of sword.
Zōken contemplates the collapsing of the 100 year quest of the Einsbern, of the 500 year dream of the Makiri.
He is just a pile of dark red flesh, yet he doesn't want to die. An obsession that wouldn't let him die, moreso just in front of his 500 year old objective.
That dream. By that time, the Makiri bloodline, 300 year old, had already fallen. Zōken had only been denying the fact that his bloodline was dying already, hiding it, loathing the decaying of his own body.
500 years of pain, trying to reach immortality, without ever achieving anything. Just pain and denying it. The goal is close, but he can't reach it anymore. Striving to move forward.
Then Ilya in the Dress of Heaven appears in front of him. But it's Justicia appearing to him, just like she is in the 200 year old memory in his heart. The one he once loved.
As she simply asks why he did not want to die, the pain is gone. Why indeed. Why ? Zōken remembers.
The extinction of all evil. To reach a new existence, to be reborn.
Zōken looks at the wrong result of his quest - the Third Magic - Angra Mainyu. That was out of Zōken's hands. His real goal was something that wouldn't have been achieved in some 500 years, but in ages : evolution of humanity.
Immortality was just one of the possibilities given by the ritual, and Zōken ended up focusing on actually achieving that specific point of the ritual, then wanting it for himself.
He used wrong means, evil, to reach a miracle, the wrong one. So disappears the last of those who sought a miracle. Someday, humanity will evolve and get as close to the miracle as he was just then.
Shirō's mind is falling apart and his fists aren't hitting, and Kotomine's successful hits aren't quite helping. Everything is white, but he has one more weapon to create. His body is crying in pain.
Shirō, again, thinks of Sakura, the one he swore to protect. She said without him, she wouldn't be saved. What did I lose for her sake ?
That man has nothing to protect. Shirō does. He has a reason to win. So that she could be happy even without him in front of her. Angra Mainyu is coming. Shirō lands a hit. Two. Four. Seven. His reply to the thought of losing.
As Shirō forces Kotomine back and rushes at him, Kotomine gives up. "I don't know how many seconds you have left with your body, but if you have something to do, then hurry up."
Kotomine's time is up, and Shirō is the last Master. Kotomine is finally gone.
Shirō feels only pain and can barely move. There goes his last Tracing, to destroy the curse. He wanted to survive with Ilya, but his last Trace will kill him. Mind goes blank again.

[One last choice if you cleared the Route once already. One goes to NORMAL END again, the other goes to the following TRUE END]
Ilya's voice. She will be the one to close the Gate. Shirō recognizes the voice but doesn't even remember the name.
"Do you want to live ? -Yes. -Good, I too wanted you to live more than me."
So this is it, the Magic they spoke about. Ilya is glad Shirō was her brother. As Shirō said, siblings should protect each other. She was the older sister, so she is the one protecting her brother.
Shirō remembers her name. The name of the one who had a real blood bond with Kiritsugu. A bit older than him.
Ilya closes the Gate. Shirō was saved by Rin. He's still holding the pendant.

Rin mentions her rivalry with Luvyaselita in London, from where she just came back. She spent a year there.
She visits the Emiya residence, and Rider opens the door. She looks like just any other normal person.
Fujimura is around too. She mentions a good-looking boy from the Archery club, interested in Sakura - Ayako's little brother. Rin wasn't even aware she had a brother.
Sakura seems to be on a race against Rider in term of hair length. Both Rin and Sakura sound more like adults now.
Fujimura mentions Shirō. Sakura still cals him senpai, but Fujimura points out he's not her senpai anymore.
Sakura feels the scars from two years ago are gone. She adds that Rin seems to have grown stronger from her year in London.
Although the land of Fuyuki is under the responsibility of the Tōsaka family, the Magic Association at the Big Ben didn't make too much of a fuss about how it fucked up.
Rin has reminiscences of Zelretch's speach to her from the Association. Of how he said the Tōsaka got quite far since last time.
Shirō finally arrives.
Rin thinks at how Shirō only has half a body now... No, at how Shirō's body really died. At how even the Grail didn't have the ability to save his body.
But Ilya had access to the Third Magic. She was able to pull Shirō's soul out of his dying body. To give a shape to his soul. Though Ilya's Third Magic isn't quite the full deal. The Shirō Rider found wasn't quite like the original one, more like a homunculus.
So they had to find a Puppet Master to get Shirō a new body that would become a real one.
The soul, when properly managed, can shape the body it is in into the shape the soul "remembers". That's also how Zōken did, too, by the way, although in his case, his soul had also been decaying, hence the body was too, as True Assassin had remarked.
So, as long as the body they could get from the Puppet Master wasn't too different, Shirō's soul could re-shape it into Shirō's original body. That's how the Shirō right now is just like the original one.
As for Sakura, she still has some traces from Angra Mainyu. Although the link to it was severed, her body is still acting as a Grail. Which is why Rider is still there - Sakura can provide far enough mana for her to stay.
Back to Shirō, his current body doesn't have too many Magic Circuits responding anymore. But Rin is sure he should be able to realize a Reality Marble if he trains.
Rin asks if Sakura is happy. She says yes, with a real smile. The four of them, with Rider, go for the hanami.
End roll

After freeing Sakura from Angra Mainyu, Shirō keeps walking toward the Gate of the Grail.
Swords keep growing inside his body, and as he reaches it, he traces his last weapon, Excalibur.
At that instant, Emiya Shirō's body dies. His spirit still strives and strikes the Grail down.

Sakura wakes up. She had a bad dream, but now, it's over. Time to prepare breakfast for senpai and nee-san.
... Senpai, where are you ? Why are you hiding ? Sakura looks all over the house and the basement.
That wasn't a dream.
Taiga starts telling Sakura Shirō won't come back - in the end, Taiga and her father leave the Emiya house to her care.
In the empty house, Sakura remembers her promise with Shirō. What was it ? Spring already. Spring again.
Sakura wants to keep the promise to go to the hanami together once winter is over. Spring again.
He said he would protect her, yet he's not here. Still, let's forgive him, because we loved each other. Spring again.
Spring. Spring. Spring.
You're late, Senpai. I'll be an old lady when you come back, you know.
Spring. Children come to help their beautiful sensei. Sakura is still waiting for Spring to come so she can atone for her sins.
Spring came again.
Sakura closes her eyes, the boy is here and is waving at her, making her feel nostalgic.